Guesthouse established in 2006 in a house built in 1896


Hotel Egilsen is our sister hotel

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The story of the guesthouse starts in 2006 when we opened a guesthouse called “Bænir & Brauð” in a street close by here in Stykkishólmur. In 2018 we decided to move to this beautiful old building when the opportunity arose and changed the name to Sýsló.

Sýsló is a nod to the house´s history and is a shortening of “Sýslumannshúsið” meaning the Districts Magistrate´s house. Built in 1896 the house first served as the towns hospital as well as the doctors residence. In 1931 it became the residence for the towns District Magistrate and housed the offices as well until they were moved to a new building in 2000. Since then a few families have lived in the house up until now when it was turned into a guesthouse.


Sýsló is a family owned guesthouse and is a cousin of Hotel Egilsen, a charming hotel in a stark red building built in 1867. Those who stay at Sýsló check in at Hotel Egilsen, Aðalgötu 2, which is close to the harbour and within walking distance from Sýsló Guesthouse. The staff at Hotel Egilsen will welcome you with a warm cup of coffee or tea and a cold drink on a warm day. They will hand over the key to you and guide you to Sýsló.

We look forward to your stay.