Guesthouse / stykkishólmur



A cozy seven room guesthouse located in the old town of Stykkishólmur on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Conveniently located within short walking distance to all the main attractions of this beautiful town. A cousin of Hotel Egilsen, a next door boutique hotel where our guests are welcomed and checked in.

Sýsló Guesthouse



What to do


A house with a history

Sýsló is a shortening of “Sýslumannshúsið” referring to the history of the house dating back to 1896. For years the District Magistrate of the town resided in the house and hence the name Sýslumannshúsið or the house of the District Magistrate.


 A well equipped kitchen and a cozy living room


complimentary coffee and tea

All rooms have access to a fridge and a coffee machine located in the kitchen with complimentary coffee and tea. There is a living room on the ground floor decorated in Scandinavian style available for all our guests to enjoy at their convenience.



Hotel Egilsen


check in is at hotel egilsen


Hotel Egilsen is within a very short walking distance from Sýsló at Aðalgötu 2. The staff at Hotel Egilsen will welcome you with a warm cup of coffee or tea and a cold drink on a warm day. They will give you your room key and guide you to Sýsló.